4 Proven Ways To Unclog The Sink Drain

It can be frustrating when water is backing up, and the counter is full of dirty dishes. This is a helpless feeling when the inconvenience of clogged drains occurs. Are you experiencing the same? If yes, then read the easy ways to unclog the kitchen sink and drain without the help of professional plumbers. Probably you want to call the plumber services. But you should skip this because the expert plumber suggested DIY tips to unclog the drain. So, let’s read on first!

Know The Four Easy Ways To Unclog The Sink Drain

  1.     Take Assistant Of Boil Water

One of the easiest ways to unclog the sink is to boil water. Here’s how you can use it.

  • Take a pan and place it on the stove by adding water into it.
  • While water is boiling, clean your sink so you can boil water quickly.
  • Now take a cup to bail out boiling water into the sink.
  • Let it sit under the sink and wait for minutes.
  • If the water does not stand in the sink, it means clog is opened.
  • If the water stands in the sink, then repeat the process again and again.

This strategy often works many times, so do it carefully with patience.

  1.     Salt And Boil Water

As per plumber Birchgrove, adding salt in boiling water can help to remove the clog. After performing the first method (boiling water), pour the ½ cup of salt into the sink. Then again, pour the boiling water. Let it sit for a few minutes to unclog the sink.

  1.     Apple Cider Vinegar And Baking Soda

If the boiling water technique does not work for you, pour about a cup of baking soda into the drain by following the equal amount of apple cider vinegar. When it is done, it immediately creates a bubble and allows the drain to unclog. The whole process takes 15 minutes. In fact, this technique will work like a pro.

  1.     Use Plunger

If the above methods aren’t working, then a plunger is another proven way to unclog the sink. See how it works.

  • Seal the plunger tightly with a cotton cloth.
  • Please put it in the drain and plunge it several times vigorously.
  • When you find the suction is precise, remove the plunger and turn on the tap.
  • You can bail warm water in the drain for a couple of minutes.

Hire Professionals For Unclogging The Sink Drain

Many plumbing issues can be solved with DIY tips if they are correctly done. But if the problem is occurring, again and again, you should ask for professional help only. When a professional plumber visits your place, do try to treat the problem only after inspecting it well. So, Deccan best guides you with the problem and an effective solution to fix it.