What Should You Do If A Plumbing Pipe Bursts?

Do you know that plumbing pipes can burst in hot weather too? In summer, hot water and temperature can make pipes weak and more prone to burst. And what can be the worst situation than unplanned flooding water for any homeowners? While regular maintenance can prevent problems, taking Plumber Birchgrove will help fix the pipe burst situation. Learn more, the causes of it and solutions for plumbing pipe bursts here.

What Causes Your Bursts In Plumbing Pipes?

The two most common reasons that cause a burst of pipes are:

The Fall Of Temperature: During cold weather, frozen pipes are a huge concern among homeowners. As the temperature goes down, the water freezes, and when temperature increases, ice melts, which weakens the pipe and breaks it down.

Rust Or Corrosion- Imbalanced pH of water leads to corrosion of pipes. Though rusting doesn’t happen overnight, proper pluming inspection helps you to know when it is a time of repair or replacement.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Pipe Bursts?

Some common warning signs help you identify whether you need emergency plumbing are:

  • Discoloured water
  • Change in water pressure
  • The pool of water under sinks
  • Different sound than usual

What To Do If You Have A Burst Pipe Situation At Home?

Though no one has control over pipe bursts, it is a nightmare for you if you don’t know these temporary fixes:

  • Find Your Main Water Valve And Close It: If you don’t want a flood-like situation in your home, find the main water supply valve. Please turn it off to stop getting water to other parts of your home.
  • Turn Off Electricity: you should take extra precautions as water is the conductor of electricity. Turning off the electricity if the leak is more will save you from electric shocks.
  • Open Faucets And Drain Toilets:  You will relieve the remaining water pressure in the pipe by doing this.
  • Call A Plumbing Service: Don’t hesitate to call professionals because only they can fix this. Call the plumber as soon as possible to fix or replace the pipes.
  • Thoroughly Clean The Water: A sudden break in the pipe lead to water damage, especially when you are unaware of it. Start mopping and let it dry. Also, inspect another home area for leak detection and clean to avoid mould growth and other damage.


Rather than facing the consequences of a burst pipe, take a regular check on pipes, leak detection, and repair services. Professional Plumber Birchgrove will help prevent future damage by suggesting the repair or replacement on time and protecting you from additional expenses.