Watch Out For These Drainage Issues

The drainage system is an essential component of every construction. Inadequate maintenance can lead to a clogged drainage system, causing a disturbance in your home or company. Clogged drains are not only inconvenient but also dangerous. If water cannot flow out of your pipes, it can contain dangerous germs and create an unpleasant odor. At some time, every homeowner and property manager must deal with this annoyance. To avoid health risks, it is critical to address drainage issues as soon as possible.

Drain cleaners are typically efficient in dissolving sludge and clearing your pipes. Plumber experts in Birchgrove say if standard treatments fail, see if your drainage problem is caused by any of the problems mentioned below.

Check for Poor Installation

Many people may attempt to remedy a leak and replace the pipe themselves in order to save time and money. While do-it-yourself solutions are becoming a popular element of home improvement, improper installation can occasionally result in costly drain clogs. It is advisable to leave the installation of new pipes to the professionals.

Sediment Build-Up

If the flow of water from your faucet changes from free-flowing to trickling, it might be due to silt buildup in the pipeline. Hard water transports minerals and deposits them on the surfaces it comes into contact with. Water pipes become blocked with silt over time, reducing water pressure. Make it a habit to clean showerheads, filters, and other detachable elements of the water supply line on a regular basis. Mineral deposits can be efficiently removed by soaking them in vinegar overnight.

Plant Debris

Plant debris can accumulate in outdoor drainage systems. Leaves and tiny branches fall from trees and land on the ground throughout the spring and autumn. When it rains, these pieces mix with muck and run into your drains. Aside from leaves, tree roots may be a nuisance since they grow underground and reach the water in your drainage system. Keep your yard free of dried leaves and trim your trees on a regular basis. It will help to prevent plant debris from clogging drains. Avoid planting plants known to clog drains, such as willow, oak, magnolia, and palm.

Heavy Rainfall

Your drainage system is intended to transport a specific amount of water. However, storms and other weather disturbances can cause excessive precipitation to overwhelm your drains, gutters, and downpipes. Before the rainy season begins, clear your gutters. Ensure that there are no dried leaves, debris, or dead animals obstructing the flow of water.

Broken Pipes

Water pipes can break as a result of expanding tree roots, ice buildup during the winter, and ordinary wear and tear. Pipes with fractures are more likely to become clogged. Examine your pipes for any obvious leaks. Broken pipes can cause water stains on the ceiling. If there are no obvious cracks but you suspect a fracture, consult your local plumbing specialist. 

Contact a Licenced Plumber Specialist

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